Prices from 01.05.2010
Apartment Number of roomsFloorBuilt Area - sq..Common parts of the building sq..Total area sq.. % common building partsPrice(Euro)
Garage N11First30,842,5533,390,0219625 000
Garage N21First29,332,4331,760,0208916 000
Garage N71First34,552,8737,420,0246018 000
Office2First56,354,5260,870,03884125 000
Apartment N92Fourth65,185,6770,850,0487776 000
Apartment N113Fourth82,057,0989,140,06097103 000
Apartment N122Fourth72,756,2178,960,0539678 000
Apartment N133Fifth111,399,23120,620,07931250 000

Plot security:
Plamen Filtchev, mob: +359 888 565 095, e-mail:
Ivelina Filtcheva, mob: +359 888 322 184, e-mail:

A plot will be surrounded by a metal fence. Sliding metal door with remote control for car entrance and manually open section for pedestrians. A landscape decorated with threes and green bushes as per designer project. Video surveillance and cameras recording is included in property management fee.